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Spring is calling - My sewing plans for 2021 (en)
English Version · 26. Februar 2021
The first sunny and warm days of spring have reignited my desire to sew. I went through my pattern magazines and of course found way too many patterns that I want to sew. But what of them do I really need? There must be a sewing plan!

Make, Do and Mend! (en)
English Version · 26. Januar 2021
Even after this very special and challenging year 2020 for all of us, I would like to draw a sustainability review for my consumption behavior in fabrics and clothing. How green is my closet?

Make, Do and Mend!
Fair und Ökologisch · 25. Januar 2021
Auch nach diesem für uns alle sehr besonderen und herausfordernden Jahr 2020 möchte ich eine Nachhaltigkeitsbilanz für mein Konsumverhalten bei Stoffen und Kleidung ziehen.

Buy less, choose well, make it last!  (en)
English Version · 19. Januar 2020
Not a year for the garbage can? How sustainable was my consumer behavior in terms of fashion actually in 2019! What can I do even better?

#fashionrevolutionday with top "Berlin" from La Maison Victor (en)
English Version · 25. April 2016
#fashionrevolutionday with Top "Berlin" from La Maison Victor