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Herringbone meets houndstooth - My new tweed jacket for the cooler spring days
English Version · 02. April 2021
Just in time for Easter I got my tweed jacket ready. I took my time with it because I wanted it to be extra special, inside and out! It consists of two differently patterned tweed fabrics. Ideal for the spring.

Spring is calling - My sewing plans for 2021 (en)
English Version · 26. Februar 2021
The first sunny and warm days of spring have reignited my desire to sew. I went through my pattern magazines and of course found way too many patterns that I want to sew. But what of them do I really need? There must be a sewing plan!

Make, Do and Mend! (en)
English Version · 26. Januar 2021
Even after this very special and challenging year 2020 for all of us, I would like to draw a sustainability review for my consumption behavior in fabrics and clothing. How green is my closet?

Buy less, choose well, make it last!  (en)
English Version · 19. Januar 2020
Not a year for the garbage can? How sustainable was my consumer behavior in terms of fashion actually in 2019! What can I do even better?

#fashionrevolutionday with top "Berlin" from La Maison Victor (en)
English Version · 25. April 2016
#fashionrevolutionday with Top "Berlin" from La Maison Victor